eMarketing consultancy services

eMarketing strategy and optimisation consultancy services

Analysing your current business, I identify potential improvements and present you with a menu of opportunities to drive new revenue, at a desirable margin.

I’ll calculate how to get the most from your budget for direct-to-consumer (D2C) eMarketing, like affiliate marketing, email marketing, SEO, re-targeting, UX analysis, CRM tactics and more.

For indirect-to-consumer (I2C) internet marketplaces, like Amazon ad campaigns and product page listing optimisation (SEO), I’ll project how changes will improve your bottom line.

eMarketing strategy services

  • eMarketing strategy creation
  • Audience research
  • eMarketing P&L budgeting
  • eMarketing strategy management

eMarketing strategy optimisation

  • Internet marketing strategy review
  • Acquisition, Conversion, Retention analysis
  • P&L margin analysis
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