Marketplace Consultancy Services

Internet Marketplace Consultancy

Marketplaces provide easy access to new overseas markets, while also exposing your products to huge, local mass marketplaces like Amazon and ebay.

I bring over 12 years experience of managing and optimising marketplace stores for small and medium-sized retail companies, in the following major online marketplaces:

  • Amazon (UK, DE, FR, AUS, USA, CAN)
  • eBay (UK, DE, FR, AUS, USA, CAN)
  • Rakuten (FR, UK)
  • Otto (DE)
  • CDiscount (FR)
  • LaRedoute (FR, UK)

Marketplace optimisation services

Marketplace channels aren’t delivering the sales you expected?

Marketplace management services

Want to expand out into new, international markets? Or just open a high-performing local marketplace store? I offer business’s easy access to experienced multichannel store management services.

  • Amazon store management
  • Amazon ad campaign management
  • eBay store management
  • Rakuten store management
  • Otto store management
  • CDiscount store management
  • LaRedoute store management
  • Multichannel strategy