Multichannel eCommerce Strategy

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Multichannel Software

Multichannel listing or Omnichannel software helps businesses maximise the exposure of their products to customers. Most versions of this software also provide order fulfilment and product management functionality. Some even offer full ERP system functionality, like warehousing, accounting and B2B account management.

In some cases there may be a particular marketplaces or business systems you wish to sell to or integrate with. In which case, you may need to speak to the supplier(s).

Potential advantages of multichannel software:

  • Flexible and/or additional courier services;
  • Improved product information & accuracy;
  • Improved brand exposure;
  • Stock synchronisation across your entire business;

  • Improved warehousing, accounting and other ERP functionality;
  • Improved product exposure;
  • New advertising opportunities.

Multichannel Software Strategies

Illustrated are 4 examples of how multichannel software can be used. When deciding the best approach consider the time, budget and resources you’re able to commit and your future growth targets.

Option A:
Multichannel software for Order & Inventory management

Option A: Here Multichannel software receives an initial import of product info’ from the business’s ERP. Multichannel software is used to enrich and distribute the product data and manage orders.

Option B:
Multichannel software as an ERP

Option B: Here the Multichannel software acts as the businesses ERP. It holds the master product inventory data and some multichannel software also provides advanced accounting, reporting and warehouse management functionality,

Option C:
Multichannel as a feed-only service

Option C: Some multichannel software simply enables feeds between your Website platform and/or business ERP. This is a great option if you don’t want to change your order and stock management systems.

Option D:
Minimal disruption to existing systems

Option D: This approach is often used as the lightest-touch option. It only requires your website platform to be connected to the multichannel software. The multichannel software then does all the work.

A list of multichannel software providers

Here I’ve tried to summarise the most basic information associated with each supplier. Information was gathered from each supplier website and from customer review sites. You’ll see that options vary from complete ERP offerings to light-of-touch feed-only services.

CostFunctionality levelNo. marketplace
No. system
BrightpearlAHighFull ERP, CRM, WarehousingLowVery high
ChanneladvisorA,BHighOrder & inventory management, Advertising feedsVery highMedium
SolidCommerceA,BMediumOrder & inventory managementMediumMedium
LinnworksA,BMediumOrder & inventory management, stock controlVery highHigh
M2EA,BLowOrder & inventory managementLowMedium
SellbrightA,BLowOrder & inventory managementLowLow
GeeksellerA,BLowOrder & Inventory managementLowMedium
CedCommerceCLowIntegrations and APIsVery highVery high
SellerActiveB,DLowOrder & Inventory managementLowLow
GoDatafeedB,DLowFeed optimisation & Order managementMediumMedium
SellwareB,DLowOrder & Inventory managementLowLow
VeeqoA,B,DLowWarehouse, Order & Inventory managementLowMedium
StorefeederA,B,DMediumWarehouse, Order & Inventory managementMediumMedium
SellerExpressB,DMediumOrder & Inventory managementLowLow
CloudCommerceB,DUnavailableOrder & Inventory managementLowLow
SixbitB,DLowOrder & Inventory managementLowLow
KhaosControlA,B,DLowERP, Order & Inventory managementLowLow
Volo (FKA: esellerpro)B,DUnavailableOrder & Inventory managementLowLow
Channel grabberB,DMediumOrder & Inventory managementLowLow
Seller DynamicsB,DLowOrder & Inventory managementLowLow
You can learn more about these multichannel software supplier and see customer reviews here.