Working on short- or long-term contracts, I provide a wide range of flexible management & consultancy services.
Whether you’re looking to grow a well-established online business or create a new web presence, I can provide 20 years of experience to help you meet your goals.

Business planning

Working with businesses, I create tailored Internet business plans, to fit each company’s business goals.
Once targets have been defined, I investigate market opportunities, describe a strategy and create a menu of tactical options, with full profit and loss projections. This allows businesses to choose which opportunities best suite their budget and timescales.
Ecommerce business planning can be part of a short-term consultancy or a longer-term management service.

Example deliverables: Business plan document | Business plan (Board) presentation | Profit & loss planning

eMarketing consultancy

Breaking your online business’ marketing tactics into Acquisition, Conversion and Retention (ACR), I analyse all your business’ marketing activity and identify opportunities to improve the efficiency of existing activity and identify new opportunities.

Using spreadsheets templates I’ve developed, I help you assess and monitor the effectiveness of your affiliate, cost-per-click, email, organic search and other marketing budgets.

Example deliverables: Marketing audit | Marketing plan (Acquisition, Conversion & Retention) | Monitoring & reporting documents

Project management

Having documented thorough and relevant requirements for new websites or other internet business initiatives, is essential for success. I provide businesses with convenient access to an experience project management resource.

Having launched and managed many different websites and online businesses, I can use my experience to make sure you provide potential suppliers with thorough, accurate and useful business requirements.

Example deliverables: Website requirements documents | Project documents | Project management | Supplier vetting

Management services

With experience of managing large and small e-commerce teams; I provide short and long-term management services.
This is useful for maternity cover or staff development. Alternatively, I provide assistance to your existing management team, who may require assistance of a particular project or new initiative.

Example deliverables: Team management | Department management | Staff development | Maternity cover | Job descriptions & Interviews

Internet marketplaces

Correctly managed, marketplace sales usually generate the majority of an online business’ revenue. International marketplaces can also be a very cost-effective way of raising awareness of your brand in new markets.

Working with specialist services providers, I plan marketplace strategies and manage eBay, Amazon, Rakuten, Aliexpress and other marketplace channels for brands and online retailers.

Example deliverables: Marketplace strategy & planning | Marketplace profit and loss planning | Marketplace sales management

Problem solving

I provide instant help to solve a marketing or other Internet business problem. I bring twenty years of experience to help get your business back on target.

Example deliverables: Data analysis | Regular monitoring | Targeted action plans